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You now have the opportunity to compare wind turbine prices online with our installer and manufacturer data base. It allows you to put in your post code and find out where the best in the business are located in your area. The database is designed to save you the hassle of searching through the internet for the right supplier for you, and you can find out whether your prospective installer has all the right credentials too.

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You might want to have a think about a few things before you actually search the database so you can be sure that you choosing the right options.

Is a Wind Turbine for you?

Particularly for domestic, urban properties there are a number of obstacles to overcome if you are thinking about installing a wind turbine, not least whether you are going to get planning permission. The other issue to consider is whether your brand new turbine is going to deliver a return on investment. Discover the pros and cons of having a wind turbine here.


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What Sort of Wind Turbine are you looking for?

There are different types of turbine, from horizontal and vertical axis ones to roof mounted arrays and stand-alone structures that are similar to the ones you see on wind farms. Find out more about the different types of wind turbine here.

What Happens with a Wind Turbine Installation?

If you are having a free standing wind turbine put in then you will need enough space and a good foundation. Installation isn’t as straight forward as you might think. This guidewalks you through all the components and installation process.

Will You Need Planning Permission?

A lot of renewable energies are now exempt from planning permission, and that includes your wind turbine. The problem will be the size of the array and whether people are likely to have any objections. Find out more about planning permissions and the legal side of wind farms here.

What Does an Ideal Installer Look Like?

It may seem like a good idea to go for the cheapest option and hope for the best, but your installer should have credentials like being a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), especially if you want to take advantage of the Feed in Tariff. Here’s a simple breakdown of the kind of certification you should be looking for in an installer.

How much is your Wind Turbine Going to Cost?

That’s the £64,000 question – you will have a budget in mind but how do you know if your installer is charging you a fair price? The costs of a wind turbine can vary quite dramatically, even within the same category. We’ve put together an average cost for wind turbines here.

The Benefits of Searching a Reliable Database for Wind Turbines

It’s often difficult to get the full picture when searching online to find the right product, at the right price and with the right customer support. The purpose of our database is to attract the best installers, manufacturers and suppliers across the UK so that you don’t have to search different websites. There are now thousands of companies who operate locally and nationally and all you have to do is put in your post code and let our database do the rest.

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