Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Wind turbine development has moved on a pace in the last 30 years or so. There are a number of manufacturers out there who specialise in different types of turbine from roof mounted and free standing to the larger, more powerful industrial arrays.

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Roof-mounted wind turbine manufacturers

Ampair (UK)

Ampair have been trading for the last 40 years and specialise in wind and hydro power as renewable energy sources. They are experts of both on and off-grid provision and have an international reputation.

Bergey (USA) 

Bergey specialises in small and distributed wind systems for homes, farms, and small business. They profess that their system has fewer moving parts than other similar turbines and are therefore prone to lower maintenance concerns.

Cascade Renewable Energy

Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWIFT) lies at the heart of development with CRE with a turbine that is safe and efficient and, according to the company, virtually silent.

Fortis Wind (Netherlands)

Fortis is one of the leading European countries involved in wind turbine development for stand-alone and grid connected systems.

Honeywell (USA) 

Honeywell has been at the forefront of clean energy development for a long while now and also has a large biomass section.

Kestrel (South Africa)

South African company Kestrel has an impressive 70 years providing cutting edge renewable energy solutions both in their own country and internationally, including the Kestrel e400nb system that is certified for the UK.

Ropatec (Italy)

A relative newcomer to wind turbine manufacture and development, Ropatec in Italy are specialists in vertical axis turbines.

Eclectic Energy (UK)

Innovation and intelligent design lie at the heart of Eclectic Energy based in Nottingham in the UK, including the D400 wind turbine.

Superwind (Germany)

Superwind’s CEOs came from a background of wind turbine development and have been involved in energy projects across Europe and internationally, including China and Indonesia.


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Domestic/smaller pole-mounted wind turbine manufacturers (up to 100kW)

Ampair (UK)

As well as roof mounted wind turbines, Ampair develop and manufacture pole mounted systems.

Aventa (Switzerland)

Aventa specialise in smaller pole mounted wind turbine technologies including their LoWind range that gets the most out of low levels of wind.

C&F Green Energy (Ireland)

C&F are a global company whose customers include Mercedes and IBM. Their green energy wing was established back in 2006 and they have been designing innovative wind turbine technology ever since.

Cascade Renewable Energy

Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWIFT) represents the core of CRE utilising a turbine that is safe and efficient and very quiet.

Endurance Wind Power (USA)

EWP is a manufacturer and designer of advanced wind turbines aimed at homeowners and businesses across an expanding global market.

Evance (UK)

Working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK and international homes, Evance specialises in small wind generators such as the R9000.

Evoco (UK)

Evoco’s core research, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art small wind turbines marks it as a major UK player in the renewable energies development market.

Fortis Wind (Netherlands)

As well as roof mounted turbines, Fortis also manufactures small and free standing ones.

Kingspan Wind (UK)

Kingspan has manufactured small wind turbines that have been used on farms, in schools, homes and businesses across the UK and internationally.

Gaia (Denmark/UK)

Gaia have been developing innovations in wind turbine design for the last 20 years, delivered to countries all around the world.

Kestrel Wind Turbines (South Africa)

Kestrel produce both roof mounted and smaller, free standing wind turbines and are one of the most innovative companies in South Africa.

Lely (Germany)

Lely have a large portfolio dealing with more sustainable farming including the manufacture and installation of small-scale wind turbines.

Marlec (UK)

Marlec produce a range called Rutland wind turbines and has been leading developments in renewable energy since 1978.

Northern Power (US)

Specialising in Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbines, Northern Power has been operating throughout the US for the last 40 years.

Wind Energy Solutions (Netherlands)

Considered wind energy pioneers, WES have developed their two blade wind turbine that is said to be durable and offer a high performance.

Xzeres (USA)

American company Xzeres offers a range of small wind turbine energy solutions with a facility to measure your site’s potential online.

Industrial/larger wind turbine manufacturers (over 100kW)

Enercon (Germany)

Based in Belgium and Germany, Enercon manufactures and develops the large-scale wind farms you can see offshore.

Gamesa (Spain)

Gamesa is a market leader and has a global presence, particularly in the US and Brazil.

GE Energy (US)

GE Energy have been involved in renewables for a century and are currently developing the next generation of wind turbines.

Goldwind (China)

Chinese company Goldwind are at the forefront of wind turbine renewable developments in Asia.

Ropatec (Italy)

A fairly new player in the renewables market that packs a punch, developing wind turbines both small and industrial.

Siemens Wind Power (Germany)

Siemens are a global brand and their wind power section is at the spearhead of innovation and wind turbine development.

Sinovel (China)

Sinovel is a specialised development company for offshore and onshore wind turbines and is ranked the number one renewables company in China.

Suzlon (India)

One of India’s biggest renewable energy companies it boasts 24,000 wind turbines worldwide and a leading player in the wind farm market.

Vestas (Denmark)

Vestas have been innovating in wind turbines for the last 30 years and have been developing innovations since the turn of the 19th Century.

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