Other Funding Sources for Biomass Boilers

Apart from the RHI payments and the RHPP, there are several other sources of funding available to homeowners, businesses, and organisations looking to install biomass systems.

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) is a major funding source provided by the European Union which supports projects seeking to improve rural life through environmentally friendly ways of living. The RDP is potentially available to farmers, rural business owners, those managing land or woodland and those living in a rural community wishing to install renewable energy technology.

The RDP is administered differently in each part of the UK:

The RDP is administered in England by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

For Scotland, see the Scottish Government’s website.

In Wales, the RDP is administered by the Welsh Assembly Government.

For information on the RDP in Northern Ireland, see here.

The Community Sustainable Energy Programme offers information and funding for feasibility studies for community and district energy projects.

The Forestry Commission offers a Forestry Micro-enterprise Grant of £2,500-£25,000 for eligible small companies (fewer than 10 employees) wishing to install a biomass system. For more information on this grant, see here.

The Carbon Trust’s website also has some useful information on funding sources (including loans, grants and subsidies) for businesses, organisations and communities

A large list of financial schemes and initiatives can be found HERE at the Biomass Energy Centre.
For convenience, grants and support are divided into those that help support the purchase, installation or development of equipment, those that support the fuels supply chain, and those that provide consultancy and advice.

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