4kW Solar Panel System with Battery Storage (with standard installation)

4kW Solar Panel System with Battery Storage (with standard installation) (based on 0 reviews)

Retail Price : £ 8750.00 Ex. VAT

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Delivery Charges : £250
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£ 8750.00 Ex. VAT

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4kW Solar Panel System with battery storage - Fully installed with designer black solar panels (16x265W)

Here you can purchase a full 4kW solar panel system with 16 black designer solar panels and a battery storage system. Our local engineers will install this and certify it for the FIT Tarriff.

This price includes standard installation* in portrait and has a mounting system for a concrete tiled roof.

(price may vary slightly if your roof is a different material as we need to use a different mounting system)


 QTY UNIT  Part Description
16 modules
Hareon 265W poly / 265 watt
1 unit   GROWATT4000TL - 10 years warranty
2 unit   Europa AC isolator switch 20A 4 pole IP65
1 unit   SANTON DC 2 Pole Isolator D1-G1 16A/1000V - 25A/800V
1 unit 1302197 Rayleigh RIHXE12R Single Phase Gen meter (100A)
1 Pkg TRPMC4 Solar PV Cable 50Mtr - 4mm Black
1 unit 1302197 Solar PV Label Set incl Solar On Roof (14pcs)
4 Pkg   1302020 - MC4 MultiContact PV-KBT4/6II (A: 4-6 mm2, D: 5.5-9 mm) Socket 4-6 mm2
4 Pkg DNLS10MB  1302030 - MC4 MultiContact PV-KST4/6II (A: 4-6 mm2, D: 5.5-9 mm) Plug 4-6 mm2
1 unit   Cable Ties 300mm Black UV Resistant 
12 unit 1502913 1502913 - TRI-STAND universal profile UP-L, 3.200m TRI-STAND universal profile , basic profile light
8 unit 1502217 1502217 - TRI-STAND Universalprofile connector UP-C TRI-STAND accessories,Incl screws
8 unit 1502865 1502865 - TRI-STAND end cap black for UP-L profile Polyamide 6, 30% fibreglass + UV stabilizer
28 unit 1502673 1502673 - TRI-STAND roof hook fix (insertion), 6mm, low TRI-STAND accessory, horizontal hole, 24mm battens
35 unit 1502255 1502255 - TRI-STAND hammer-head screw M10x30 A2 TRI-STAND accessory
35 unit 1502254 1502254 - TRI-STAND self-locking nut M10 A2 TRI-STAND accessory
90 unit 1502880 1502880 - TRI-STAND Stainless Steel 6.0x80 TX25 Screw
30 unit 1502225 1502225 - TRI-STAND middle clip (31 - 40 mm), blank alum TRI-STAND accessory, incl. screw + slide nut
10 unit 1502233

1502233 - TRI-STAND end clip 40 mm, blank aluminium TRI-STAND accessory, incl. screw + slide nut

1 Unit  

3kW hybrid inverter (3kW out and 4.5kW PV in) (for Storage System)

1 Unit  

1 x Smart energy manangement screen

1 Unit  

1 x 4.8kWh LiFePO4 (LPF) battery

1 Unit  

1 x housing box with all connections, cables and switches

Please contact us for different roof type mounting systems or landscape designs. We can accommodate any variance and the price will only differ slightly. 

We offer a 1-year warranty on labour and a manufacturers warranty of 10 years on the panels and 5 years on the inverter. You can also purchase an extended warranty for £100 per annum that covers you for all parts and repairs up to £1000 in value per year, for total piece of mind.

Technical Detail

Product Notes

* Standard Installation is maximum 2 story building with panels arranged in landscape or portrait in one block.

Please contact us if you require a system with different specifications as the price may well not differ we just have to make sure you have the exact kit for your property, we don’t like to disappoint.

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