Apex - Residential and Home Voltage Optimiser

Apex - Residential and Home Voltage Optimiser (based on 1 reviews)

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£ 287.50 Ex. VAT

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The Apex Domestic VO unit has at its heart a dedicated electronic control Unit " ECU” which intelligently and constantly monitors all the parameters such as incoming and outgoing supply voltage, load current, temperature even its own performance ensuring the unit always delivers the optimum performance to your dwelling.

Incorporating the latest sine wave sampling and active sine wave mapping technology enables the unit to monitor and control three critical performance and safety functions.

(LVT) Low voltage threshold eliminates the risk of the optimised voltage falling below a minimum target voltage. When the unit detects the voltage has recovered and stabilised it automatically switches back from “bypass” mode to “save” mode. 

(HCT) High current threshold  protects against over current. The unit will automatically detect this and sits in a temporary bypass mode until the over current reduces Optimum switching threshold  by constantly mapping the sinewave, the Apex VO unit will only switch at the optimum point on the sine wave which eliminates any interruption to the supply voltage. It also mitigates spikes and transients.

Product Benefits

(OST) (SWS)*Reduces energy consumption on voltage dependent loads.  

Reduces carbon footprint.

Contributes to Government funded targets.

Customer savings start immediately.

Simple to install, typically in 1 hour.

Self monitoring.

Interactive Display.

Optional Smart Meter.

Substantially extends the life of appliances and lighting.

Protects sensitive electrical devices from damage.

Improves power quality.


Can it be installed with Solar PV?

This Voltage Optimisation unit is designed to work with a Solar PV Installation and will optimise the voltage to the whole house. This ensuries your appliances are not subjected to the higher voltages as a result. This unit reduces the total load the house draws and results in more of your solar generated electricity is either exported to the grid or sent to a battery storage system.

Return on investment

Typically, of 2 to 5 years. Much faster if you factor in the extended life of all your lighting and appliances.

Technical Detail

Product Notes

Technical Characteristics (ASWM)* 

Input voltage : 216V-270V

Output voltage : 222V

Frequency : 50Hz +/- 3 Hz.

Current Rating : 60A with up to 40A continuous load.

Insulation Class : BS2757E (120°C)

Max Operating Altitude : 1000m

Humidity : 75% Ambient Temp : -10°C to +40°C

Low Voltage Directive (72/23/EEC),

EMC Directive (89/336/EEC)

Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC)

Efficiency : >99%

Dimensions(mm) : 210h x 410w x 140d


We will fit this unit for you for £150+VAT - Please call for details.

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Lee Townsend


Bought this unit and had it installed last week. Really good, personal and friendly service from Anne. It's to early to say on the savings but I hear really good things. My computer has gone kaput twice now due to the high voltage at my property so this unit really was a no-brainer for me. Happy to recommend!

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