PV Plus (PV+) Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit (Fully Installed)

PV Plus (PV+) Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit (Fully Installed) (based on 7 reviews)

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£ 699.00 Ex. VAT

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PV Plus (PV+) Voltage Solar Panel System Generation Optimiser

UK VERSION - Only Genuine Guaranteed equipment supplied!

Made in the UK --> -->--> --> --> -->-->--> --> --> -->--> -->--> -->-->-->

THE NEW PV PLUS FROM Renewable Energy Hub means a faster return on investment for both new and existing installations.

Are you interested in getting up to 25% more Feed in Tariff from your SOLAR PV+system?

Are you interested in getting up to 25% more generation from your SOLAR PV system?

Generate 20% more electricity from your Solar Panel System using the NEW PV+.



When your PV system is generating at full capacity, your inverter could be in over-voltage mode and not generating at all. This potential loss in generation could be costing you £££’s!


By monitoring the incoming supply voltage, the PV+ unit allows the Solar PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing nuisance over voltage shut down. The PV+ can reduce stress through voltage overheating and increase PV generation. This provides a much faster return of investment for existing and new systems alike.

How does the PV + work?

Solar PV systems have to increase the supplied voltage, by typically 4 volts, to be able to push the generated energy around your property and if not used back onto the national grid.

The increase in voltage and losses in wiring circuits can cause inverters to prematurely shut down on over voltage settings.

By monitoring the incoming supply voltage the PV+ unit allows the PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit longer, preventing nuisance over voltage shut down and increasing PV generation. 

Furthermore like all electrical appliances manufactured for Europe and the UK, Solar PV inverters are designed to operate at 230V. Running inverters closer to their designed voltage will help prevent over heating of the appliance. 

Why do I need a PV Plus?

According to a recent report carried out by Western Power Distribution over 50% of our homes and businesses are supplied at a voltage above 243.8V, with nearly 7%of these being supplied with a voltage above 248.8V!

Although this falls well within the allowed supply voltages of 207/253V it can lead to loss of generation from your PV system. Reducing precious free generated energy and potentially reducing your return on investment.


We can install this unit for you for £150+VAT, plus the supply of the unit.

Fully Installed prices from £618 Inc VAT - Contact us today for a formal quotation.

The absolute best price in the UK.


Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Is the PV Plus not just a voltage optimiser‘

No - PV+ is a system loss compensator/grid voltage monitor. Under G83/2 legislation it is not permissible to supply an inverter with an optimised supply due to the potential to generate voltages over 253v which could be harmful to appliances and in certain instances electrically unsafe. PV+ cannot and will not work beyond 253v therefore as well as the additional generation you will enjoy, you can be sure you are not generating above the maximum allowable network voltages. which could seriously affect your revenue were the network to request you cease exporting or generating as a result of you pushing out over 253v on to the grid.

‘I have been told my feed in tariff will be suspended if I do anything to enhance my PV output’

As a "System loss compensator" The PV+ is designed to ensure maximum generation from the PV system and to assist systems that may well be under performing. It merely puts back the lost generation to those who experience higher grid voltages frequently and it manages the power export window farmore accurately and intelligently. The expected MCS figures shown to you at purchase will often not be achieved as a result and your actual return on investment may not be actualised. With a PV+ you are simply ensuring your PV system is performing at its projected/expected MCS performance level. One of our re-sellers Managing Directors was actually on the original panel that founded the MCS policies - his endorsement of the product  has been clear andemphatic.

‘I have been told by my installer it will void my warranty’

The PV plus is an isolator switch , a very clever one , but none the less a switch. It sits outside the main PV system circuit and does not interfere with the normal operation of your PV system. It affords additional protection and benefits from a standard isolator and should be fitted on every new system with over 243v frequently. If you had a new kitchen installed and the cooker isolation switch broke and an electrician put a new one on would you lose your warranty ? Of course not. All we are doing here is ensuring the Solar PV works within its limits as designed and does not go over voltage. We are happy to speak with your supplier/ installer  and to assist in confirming the position on this if they are being obstructive with you, however most installers accept we are generally improving the system and supplying/fitting a required item.

Technical Detail

Product Notes

Solar PV Plus

Description  PV + Grid Voltage Monitor
Input (Volts) Nominal input voltage 230v, 50Hz, Single Phase AC
Max Load 4kW
Dimensions 254mm x 165mm x 82 (110)mm
Weight Approximately 3.0 kg
OperatingTemperature.....      -5°C to +40°C
Terminal Capacity Incoming Live = 35.0mm2

Outgoing Live = 6.0mm2

Incoming Neutral = 35.0mm2

Outgoing Neutral = 6.0mm2

Enclosure Mild Steel Powder Coated
Ingress Protection IP20
Cable Entry Facility Bottom – 2 x 20mm Diameter
Document Revision V1.5 March 2016

5 Years

How it works:

1. Call us for a formal quotation.

2. Pay over the phone or via the link on the invoice / quotation

3. You recieve the Genuine PV+ Unit NEXT DAY

4. We will arrange with you a suitable installation date (installations should take no more than 2 hours)

3. Start generating more electricity from your existing solar panel system with the PV Plus!


* Trade price is SUPPLY and Install by our NATIONAL Team.

Do not buy the PV Plus if your incoming mains voltage is constantly less than 243 volts as it is not needed.

BUY TESTER HERE If your voltage from this tester is above 243v then the PV+ should increase your PV System output.

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Simon Levin

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

I had this unit installed last year and the electricity production on my meter has gone up 20%, its incredible! Highly recommended, I paid a lot more than on here to have it installed as well, I wish I had found this site a year ago!

John Peters

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

This is a great price. I had a PV+ installed a couple months ago at a fair bit more than this price!!

Tony Rivett

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

From ordering to fitting the PV Plus everything went very smoothly. The unit arrived as described follow by an electrician at my convenience who turned out to be so obliging I have asked him to do some more work for me. Hopefully now the unit will increase my output..

Mrs Higson

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

I have just had a PV+ unit installed and the whole process worked quickly. the installer did a good, tidy job and was helpful and informative. I was very impressed with the service provided by The Renewable Energy Hub. The only issue was with the delivery driver who left a card instead of calling, but that has been logged and will be followed up.

Rob Penny

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

I was convinced of the merits of this product by a solar specialist making a home visit. Believing their statement that out was on offer an introduction to the company I agreed to purchase. I then looked on-line and found that the Renewable Energy Hub was offering the same unit, fully installed, considerably cheaper. I cancelled the original order (no problems - deposit returned). Dealing with theREH has been very straightforward. The unit was delivered next working day by courier and a local electrician was appointed to do the installation. I was very pleased with their choice of electrician - he was very highly rated on CheckaTrade. The installation was easy to arrange, Gary arrived on time, did a neat installation and checked that it was working. Very pleased with the entire process - too early to tell whether the savings are as expected. I would recommend the Renewable Energy Hub.

Malcolm Makaskill

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

I ordered the PV+ on Monday afternoon. It was delivered on Tuesday morning. The electrician phoned on Tuesday evening to arrange a time for fitting and the unit was installed on Wednesday afternoon by a very pleasant and efficient electrician. The unit is up and running, although it will be a while before I see the benefits. Unrivalled service.

Shannon Kasley

PV Grid Voltage Optimiser Monitor Unit

Great service, best price I could find. I paid £618 from here, I was quoted £1200 from other places. Well worth shopping around, really glad I did!

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