Voltage Meter - For Testing Viability of PV Plus

Voltage Meter - For Testing Viability of PV Plus (based on 0 reviews)

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£ 12.50 Ex. VAT

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Plug this unit into any electrical socket in your home to find out the grid voltage being fed into your home.

Identify how much your household appliances cost to run, quickly and easily with this energy consumption monitor.

Programme in your basic electricity tariff as pound per kWh (this can typically be found on your electricity bill), plug in the consumption monitor to the mains, then plug the appliance you wish to test into the monitor. Within seconds, the forecast function calculates the cost to run the appliance for a day, month and year. This data allows you to plan and budget your households electricity consumption to avoid unexpectedly large bills.

Use the monitors total operating time function to determine how long an appliance is on for during a period of your choice. This function is particularly useful for appliances that are not constantly in operation throughout the day such as fridges or heaters. The monitor measures and displays an appliances consumption in V (voltage), A (current), Hz (frequency), W (effective power), COS (power factor) and kWh (power consumed in one hour).

  • Forecasts electricity costs per day, month and year using your tariff
  • Displays total operating time for appliances not in constant operation
  • Displays consumption data for appliances even when the meter is unplugged
  • Displays voltage, current, frequency, active capacity and gathers power factor
  • CosPhi for precise measurements, energy consumption, costs in pounds and operating time
  • Adjustable threshold values for A or W
  • Supplied with 2x button batteries (LR44) and user manual


Also Measures

  • Voltage
  • Power Comsumption
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Power Factor

Please note: This device can be used only in UK.

Technical Detail

Product Notes

Specification: For UK sockets ONLY
Display: LCD
Display range: 0.00 - 9999.99kWh
Operating voltage: 190 - 276V AC
Effective power range: 1 - 3680W
Frequency: 45 - 65Hz
Operating current range: 0.01 - 16.00A
Accuracy class: ±3%
Starting current: 0.01A
Own consumption: <1W
MID approval: No
Dimensions: 63(W) x 130(H) x 80(W)mm
Weight: 170g
Type: Cost Control (UK Version)

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