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  • SkyGarden

    Sky Garden Green Roof Mission Statement

    Sky Garden is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of green roof products. Our expertise encompasses consultation, development, installation and maintenance of all styles of green roofs and surfaces.

    As well as being committed to protecting and enhancing the environment we are also dedicated to providing great service and innovation in all areas of our business. With many years of experience and tens of thousands of installations across the UK and Europe we understand all aspects of green roofing and urban greening, water run off, imposed loads, plant varieties, substrates, pitch stabilisation and drainage.

    UK Grown & Sourced

    One of Sky Garden's proudest claims is its use of regionally sourced materials and labour. With sedum and wildflower plugs and blanket being grown across 3 sites in the UK, this allows Sky Garden to control both production and quality of our vegetation blankets and plug plants.

    Our broad installation network throughout the UK allows for short lead times and localy sourced labour, enables Sky Garden to be both competitive and socially responsible when installing your green roof project.


    The UK's Leading Independent Supplier & Installer of Green Roofs

    Sky Garden aims to find the most suitable and sustainable solution for each individual green roof project, drawing on extensive industry knowledge and access to a broad range of living roof components.

    Whether your project is constrained by budget, roof pitch, aspect loading weights, access or maintenance, Sky Garden can offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your individual living roof project.

    Over 20 Years of Green Roof Experience

    Set up as Greenfix in 1988 as an environmental stablisation company. In 1996 we became green roof pioneers and one of the founder members of GRO (Green Roof Organisation). Seperated from Greenfix in 2007 to become Sky Garden Ltd and now partner multiple waterproofing manufactures throughout the UK. In 2011 we installed the largest wildflower living roof in Europe, and in 2013 became winners of the National Federation for Roofing Contractors award for Sustainable / Green Roof

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Services Provided

  • Solar PV

    Domestic Commercial

  • Wind Turbines

    Domestic Commercial

  • Solar Thermal

    Domestic Commercial

  • Biomass

    Domestic Commercial

  • Heat Pumps

    Domestic Commercial

  • Heat Recovery

    Domestic Commercial

  • Green Roofs

    Domestic Commercial

  • Insulation

    Domestic Commercial

  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Domestic Commercial

  • Hydroelectricity

    Domestic Commercial

  • Consultants and Architects

    Domestic Commercial

  • mCHP

    Domestic Commercial

  • LED Lighting

    Domestic Commercial

  • Infrared Heating

    Domestic Commercial

  • EV Charging

    Domestic Commercial

  • Anaerobic Digester (BioGAS)

    Domestic Commercial

  • Double & Triple Glazing

    Domestic Commercial

  • Conservatories

    Domestic Commercial

  • Gas Boilers

    Domestic Commercial

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