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    At Dave Mitton Electrical we are big supporters of the use of sustainable and green energy, protecting the planet’s future as well as ;

    We highly endorse the use of solar, hydro and wind energy to protect the dwindling natural resources and fossil fuels that are vital to all of us. Sustainable energy is an important priority for society and we like to do our bit to help.

    Our electric heater storage systems are just one way we can offer a green option to your home energy and electrical supply. We can install solar panels to the home or business to harness the power of the sun in producing electricity. Interestingly, green energy initiatives are not just good for the environment but you will also feel the benefits in your wallet in the long ;

    Reducing our carbon footprints and thinking ahead to the future is the responsibility of all. At Dave Mitton Electricals we believe in forward looking electrical technology and we can help you fit your home or business with cost effective, environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions.

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