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  • "We design install and maintain solar PV systems for commercial,industrial and domestic markets"

    At Eco-Power Innovations Limited we spend time at initial consultations with our clients, listen to their specific needs and advise them of our recommendations. This is an important part of the process to ensure that we fully understand their needs. This entire process is carried out in full accordance with our MCS accredited quality management system which ensures that our only intention is to sell and install a system that will meet their specific requirements. We will not sell or install solar photovoltaic systems that will not meet expectations.

    First and foremost we are a Renewable energy company, purely interested in renewable energy. We do not treat the installation of systems as an “add-on” to our core business as some other companies operating in this sector do.

    • We provide a “cooling off period” after contracts are signed.
    • We are fully MCS registered and do not rely on MCS registered sub-contractors to carry out our installations.
    • We offer a fully backed guarantee under the REAL assurance scheme.
    • We do not rely on unscrupulous sales teams to sell on our behalf – selling to who ever they can for what ever they can.
    • Our management team is made up of qualified knowledgeable individuals who will offer only the appropriate advise.
    • We will not sell a system that is unsuitable for the client’s needs.
    • We have a short uncomplicated line-management chain which allows our client’s direct access to our directors should they so wish.
    • We only use fully vetted suppliers who can offer quality products approved by MCS.
    • We have a fully integrated quality system, insuring traceability of all the major components that we install.

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