• NBEC RENEWABLES specialise in saving you money. Protect your self from ever increasing energy inflation prices, and put a liitle back in your pocket along the way. We help you save in money in a number of ways and have tailor made solutions to suit every individuals circumstances and budgets. On hand we helpful, friendly members within our team to introduce you to our energy saving products. NBEC install top quality products that all come with warranties and garuntees and that we are proud to put our name to. Our sevices include;

    Solar panel with batteries with inteligent heating systems

    Air source heat pumps


    Infrared heting

    Spray on open cell loft insulation

    Electric vehicle charging points

    We look forward to helping you save money    

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30 Apr 2020
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Initially they were happy renew all radiators in the house as part of installing the new system. But I asked that a relatively new one be retained. It was leaking but they assured me that it would be fixed. After 5 months the radiator is still leaking and they will not do any more unless I pay them for a new radiator. The only way I was able to get a response from them was via facebook. I really would not pay the company in full for work until you are satisfied with what they do. Communication is poor.

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