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  • Arrow Insulation offers EPS Bonded Bead Wall Cavity Insulation, Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation, Ceiling Tile Insulation and Wall Cavity Extractions.

    We are based in southern UK and we work with new builds, private homes, commercial property, schools, offices, flats, extensions and If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    EPS Bonded Bead cavity wall insulation

    We install your cavity walls with another market leading product, Thermabead.

    More heat is lost through the walls of your home than in any other way. By investing in cavity wall insulationyou can significantly reduce the heat loss from your home. Maintaining the heat inside your home keeps you warm and cosy when you need to be. It also works in reverse by keeping your house cooler in the summer months.

    Another feature is that the cavity wall insulation will reduce or prevent internal condensation on the walls by removing the cold air from the cavities.

    Spray Foam Insulation

    Spray foam is one of the most effective insulation solutions around, and is quickly becoming a preferred choice for consumers. Energy prices have been rising year on year, regardless of who your supplier is. As a result, more and more businesses and homeowners are looking for quality insulation systems that can keep a structure warm without incurring excessive costs.

    Lapolla Sray Foam can be used to insulate your attic space and protect your home from in climate weather and moisture related damages – Vented and Non-Vented Attic spaces.

    Insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to insulate the entire attic from seasonal heat and/or cold. Spray foam is installed between the roof rafters, along the soffit areas and directly to all exterior surfaces such as gable walls, dormers, etc., to produce an air tight building envelope.

    It can also be used to insulate underfloors if basements are present, under balconies to reach large U values or to encapsulate steel beams to prevent condensation etc.

    Suspended False Ceiling Insulation

    We supply and fit your suspended false ceiling insulation. Suitable for all suspeneded ceiling locations such as schools, offices, showrooms, gyms, public buildings etc.

    Our polythene encapsulated suspended ceiling pads are supplied for both thermal and acoustic applications, and are ideal products to use where there is the risk of migration of fibres from standard insulation product entering the surrounding environment.

    Benefits include improved thermal and acoustic performance.

    Cavity Insualtion Extraction

    There are types of insulation such as blown fibres, wools and urea formaldehyde foam that can lead to damp or perferance problems either because they absorb moisture or have reached the end of their usefulness or because they were installed incorrectly.

    Either way, we can help. Most houses built in the UK since 1930 have been built with a cavity wall: a wall formed from two thicknesses of masonry with an air space between them, which are held together with wall ties.

    The air space ensures that any water which may enter the cavity either via wind driven rain or condensation simply drains down to the footings below the damp proof course, without crossing to the inner wall.

    Cavity Insualtion fills this gap to create a thermal barrier. However should the insulation injected into the wall have been incorrectly installed or the wrong product then damp issue may occur.

    Cavity Extraction removes the insulation or blockages and obstructions found in some cavities that create cold spots and damp problems.

    Visit out website for more information at , email us at info*arrowinsulation or call 01202 934 444

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Mike Sure

11 Jan 2020
Star Star Star Star Star

It made a big difference in my home having Thermabeads installed. Arrow Insulation were great to deal with throughout the process. Recommend.

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