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  • Generating solar energy to power your home is the fastest growing renewable energy choice for home owners in the UK and you could save up to £530 per year on your electricity bill by installing solar panels and battery storage. Solar panels generate energy for your home using Solar Photovoltaic Cells to convert light into electricity. They are usually made of a semi-conducting silicon material and surface mounted to your roof. The latest versions can also be flush mounted into the roof of your home. The energy generated from the light collected by your home solar system could be used during the day to power your home appliances, charge your electric car, light your home or heat your hot water. If you add a solar battery storage system any additional energy not used during the day can be used at night. Giving you more self-sufficiency from the energy grid and saving you more money. As an independent renewable energy installer covering Essex and the South East, we will recommend the most efficient installation to reduce your energy bills and carbon foot print. We can install a range of money saving products such as LED Lighting, Smart heating, Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Panels and Solar Battery Storage.

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