Spectrum Energy Systems

  • Spectrum Energy Systems is a specialist in supplying and installing Solar PV arrays and Wind Turbines in a range of sizes up to 850kW. These technologies are ideally suited to farms, schools, businesses, communities and domestic sites.

    Operating from our modern, purpose built premises in Worksop we offer the full spectrum of services, from pre-installation through to post-installation.

    We can help you to decide on the right package, advise you on the correct location of your project and help you with the potential pitfalls with the planning authority and electricity companies. We can then install your project and subsequently provide you with post-installation services such maintenance and repair. We only work with Solar and Wind because of the nature of the electrical work involved, our background naturally lends itself to these ;

    Anyone with the roof space for Solar PV or the space to site a Wind Turbine can generate their own electricity. Both can have their output directly connected to the existing mains electricity supply. This means that the energy produced can reduce the energy drawn from the supply. If you are able to produce more energy than you use then it is possible to export energy and sell it.

    Both technologies secure electricity supplies for 20 to 25 years, during this time it is forecast that electricity prices will rise substantially. For many farmers, landowners and businesses a continuation of supply is integral to their on-going business. Installing either technology and using it to provide energy when and where it is needed makes simple commercial sense. Moreover the Feed in Tariff offers a further benefit and incentive to install either technology to future proof your energy.

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