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    Sun & Air Limited specialise in Solar Photovoltaic systems for both Domestic and Commercial applications. We work directly with our top branded manufacturers therefore ensuring that our customers receive the best possible products and service. As a result of our partner relationship you can be assured that the design and calculations are carried out as per the manufacturers requirements therefore enabling us to offer our customers the maximum benefits available including long warranties and competitive prices.


    -->-->--> Heat Pumps

    Sun & Air Ltd specialise in Heat Pumps technologies. With our highly skilled team of engineers and experience in design and installation for both domestic and commercial properties you can feel confident you will get the right system and the right advice. Working directly with the heat pump manufacturers we pride ourselves on these partnerships which enable us to offer the maximum benefits and incetives available.

    -->-->--> Energy Monitoring

    Sun & Air Ltd specialise in data monitoring, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your systemwheteher it is Solar PV, Heat Pumps or Biomass. By installing a monitoring system you can view the information on-line, setup alerts to our office or your mobile phone or simply access and control your system remotely. If required you can leave all maintenance and monitoring down to the team at Sun & Air.

    -->-->--> Quality Control
    We are MCS accredited for both Solar photovoltaic (PV) and Air Source Heat Pumps and are also members of REAL Assurance abiding by their code of conduct. Our membership with REAL Assurance means that our customers benefit too as they receive free deposit and advance payment insurance. We are also an approved Lifetime member of IWA (Independant Warranty Association) providing the security for our customers thatthe guarantees we offer are backed up by a third party insurance company.

    -->-->--> Our Partners

    Sun & Air Ltd are accredited installers for Mitsubishi Ecodan, Daikin (D1 installation program) Sharp, Sunpower & other top branded manufacturers. Ensuring high quality customer service and in depth knowledge and experience. Each renewable energy system will be designed specifically for you based on the specific nature of your property. whether it is a small flat to a large commercial premises. We have strong relationships with our manufacturers, whom we have chosen based on their leading brands, giving you a wide range of choice depending on budget and requirements.

    -->-->--> Installation

    Our engineers are directly employed by Sun & Air Ltd therefore enabling us to have complete control over the design and installation of your system. All our engineers regularly attend product update training from the manufacturer. This enables us to make sure that the products are installed efficiently and with the latest updated technology available.

    Company Background:

    Established in 2007, Sun & Air Ltd quickly became a household name in the southeast specialising in the professional delivery of domestic Solar PV projects and renewable swimming pool and spa heating systems. Calling on his 30 years contracting experience our Managing Director quickly grew the business and expanded into commercial installations and Air Source Heat Pump technology furthering our client base and successfully delivering a wider range of systems to a wider market in a financially unstable economy. Fast forward to the present day Sun & Air Ltd are proud to provide a complete turn-key solution to our customers and clients, offering a diverse range of installations and services all tailored to your unique, individual requirements. Our experience and understanding of our customers’ needs has helped us move forward in an ever changing market and a constant commitment to training and continuous professional development has enabled us to continue operating at the highest level.

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