Financial savings associated with Bomass Boilers

The amount of savings offered by biomass boilers depend on the property's individual specifications and on the large range of factors identified here, as well as your energy needs. The table below gives you a very rough indication of how much you can expect to save if you install a pellet-fired biomass boiler (see the notes below for information on calculations and assumptions):

The following table* shows the estimated average annual savings of a biomass heating system when replacing an existing system. It also shows suggested income values from RHI payments.


*The following fuel costs are assumed: that fuel costs per kW are as follows: Coal - 3.7p; Electricity - 14.4p; Gas - 4.5p; LPG - 8.2p; Oil - 5.9p.
**These figures assume a 3 bedroom, semi-detached home with insulation and an efficient pellet-fired biomass boiler. The calculations assume that the property's annual energy demand is 20,000kWh, and that the price of the woodfuel (pellets) is £185/ton.

*Information from the Energy Saving Trust Website.

It is therefore evident that quite apart from being environmentally-friendly, biomass boilers can quickly pay for themselves and present a sound long term investment.

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