The feed in tariff for Commercial Solar Panels

The Feed in Tariff (also known as the FIT) is a Governmental policy mechanism that is designed to encourage the use of renewable energy sources in the United Kingdom. It was first introduced in Europe (Germany) where it has led to the installation of roughly 30GW of solar PV, including a remarkable 2GW in the UK. Solar PV has been successfully introduced into 63 countries around the world, including extending into much of Europe. It guarantees a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payment per kWh (unit) produced, which is index linked and subject to inflation, regardless of whether the electricity generated is consumed on the premises or not. Whatever electricity you do not use (which saves you on your electricity bill) is exported back to the grid at a guaranteed minimum of 4.85p per kWh. The FiT is financed by your energy provider and the implementation of the FiT means that a return of 10% - 20% is now possible on investments in commercial Solar PV systems in the UK.

FiT Tariff rates for commercial solar panels (RevApr16)

Current FIT Rates UK 


Here are the current rates for the Generation Tariff from April 2015.

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