Month: November 2013

Anticipation for the ‘Ground-breaking fuel cell Cogeneration Systems’ has been met with a 2014 release date.

Stirling engine micro combined heat and power boilers (mCHP) have been around for over 24 months now, but the manufacturers have not enjoyed the sales numbers that were initially forecast. This was due in the large part to the high initial purchase cost and the hotly debated time scales associated with the initial investment payback period – when applied to…

‘World’s most eco-friendly building’ opened by the Queen

The Queen of England opened the world’s most eco-friendly building in Manchester today. One Angel Square, home to the Co-operative Group’s new offices, is claimed to be the world’s most environmentally friendly building. It houses a CHP (combined heat and power) system that has an efficiency of over 95.16% tested by BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). This puts…

Government backed Fuel Cell Micro-CHP project in Japan

Efforts to bring the economic and environmental benefits of cutting-edge microCHP technologies to the domestic markets of the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Germany are reaching new heights. The development and production of this co-generation technology that produces heat for space and hot water as well as producing electricity for use in the home has been highly anticipated by…

A buyer’s guide to wind turbines

For over 3000 years civilisations have used wind power to their advantage. Although we no longer use wind power like the ancient Babylonians, the same principle is used in today’s technology. The power of the wind turns a turbine blade connected to a shaft that can be used to our advantage. Contemporary technology connects the shaft to a generator to…

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