Month: February 2014

With a budget of over fifty billion dollars will the Sochi winter Olympics really be the greenest games ever?

In the run up to the winter Olympics the Russian government made some big claims about making the games carbon neutral and living up to the highest environmental standards. Huge sums of money have been committed to exploiting the host regions potential for sustainable energy generation as well as sustained efforts to offset the carbon emissions from air travel and…

Heat Related Deaths will Rise By 2050

Despite the current torrential and seemingly abashing wave of destructive storms and the wettest beginning to a year for over 200 years, new research reveals that a steep rise in global temperatures is due to increase the number of heat related deaths by 2050. As a result of climate change the UK is expected to see an increase of around…

Renewable Energy Row Holds Up EU Deal

Negotiations are continuing in Brussels to decide whether the EU will implement a 35 or 40 percent reduction in the continents carbon output by 2030. The European Union is also pushing for a target for renewable energy generation but is meeting stern opposition particularly from the UK. The British government is opposed to any target for renewable energy which threatens…

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