Month: April 2014

Professor Ottmar Edenhofer

A world run on clean energy.

The United Nations Independent Panel on Climate Change this week concluded that the catastrophic effects of climate change can be avoided without increasing heavy cost burdens on the public and private sectors. The panel released a report stating that it is now eminently affordable to move toward a world that is run on clean, renewable energy. Professor Ottmar Edenhofer who…

solar panels

There has never been a better time to install solar panels!

With the great British summer on its way, days getting longer and temperatures rising, people are looking at theirs and their neighbour’s roofs again and thinking about investing in solar panels. We here at the Renewable Energy Hub are seeing a boom in visitors researching solar panel investments. Advances in solar technology, increased awareness, hikes in conventional energy prices and…

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) launched today!

The government has today launched the domestic RHI to homeowners to aid them in their acquisition of low carbon systems. The scheme has been in the pipeline for some time and has been fraught with complications, but has now been made available to consumers. The payment offers the world’s first long-term financial support mechanism for renewable heating devices and related…

Global Renewable Energy Capacity Increasing

The percentage of global energy that is being generated by renewable technology is steadily increasing, mainly because solar panels have reduced in price significantly over the last few years. These encouraging developments were revealed by the United Nations Environment Program recently. The data reveals that wind, solar and the mixture of other renewables, made up to nearly 10 per cent…

Conservative Threat to the Onshore Wind Industry

The conservative party is planning to withdraw support for onshore wind farms in the UK, which could potentially damage what is a growing and prosperous industry. The party is proposing a moratorium, which will come into effect after 2020 in the belief that wind farms have become “self defeating”. To compensate for abandoning support in onshore wind their manifesto will…

New Report Outlines Threat of Climate Change

The fight to combat climate change has risen to a new level with the publication of a report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report warns of major consequences for failure, with severe implications for the future which according to the report involves food shortages and more conflict over resources. The report has concluded that climate…

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