Month: July 2014

Biomass Heating

RHI makes Biomass a forerunner for renewable heating investment.

The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been giving the industry a boost in recent months, none more so than in the biomass sector with new tariffs for both domestic and commercial properties accelerating the uptake in biomass technologies. Depending on the type of biomass technology installed and how much energy is produced and used, properties, both commercial and domestic,…

Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Panels for the Commercial Market

Across the globe, commercial enterprises are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in the shadow of spiralling energy costs and increased scrutiny on their carbon accounting. Nowhere is that more noticeable than in the world of commercial solar panels. The technology provides businesses the opportunity to lower their carbon footprints and provide an obvious and long term boost to the…

The Best Solar Panel Installer

Finding the Best Solar Panel Installer

The best solar panel installer: We’ve known about the power of the sun to harness energy for a while, and more recently it is has become an increasingly accessible and affordable option for both households and businesses who want to reduce their energy bills and become less reliant on expensive and ‘for the large part’ environmentally harmful, grid supplied electricity.…

The Growing Ingenuity of the Green Agenda

We tend to think of being eco-friendly along quite narrow lines, from recycling our waste to cutting down on energy usage, developing wind farms and solar energy. But there are others, researchers and innovators, who are continuously trying to push the boundaries to make the world a better place to live in. Bio Fuels from Clothes and Sofas In Edmonton,…

Seatricity Oceanus 2

Oceanus 2 Set to Make Waves

Wave energy tends to take a back seat when we talk about renewables. Wind farms and solar energy, that’s the key, or so we are led to believe. Most people don’t know that there is a Wave Hub testing facility in the South East of England and that it is soon to host a 10m ring of marine grade aluminium…

Scottish renewables

Is Scotland Winning the UK Renewables Race?

The go ahead was given recently for the third largest off shore wind farm in Scotland, large enough to power some 1 million homes. Meanwhile, the Scottish Herald newspaper reported last December that 40% of the country’s electricity is now coming from renewable sources. With the vote for Scottish independence looming there has also been some political back stabbing. A…

Liverpool Solar Panels

Liverpool Finds Cheaper Solar Energy Solution

It is one of the perennial problems of developing renewable energy sources – how to produce it on a cost effective, industrial scale that competes with current fossil fuels. While politicians and activists talk of subsidies and carbon footprints, the scientists have been working hard to come up with effective solutions. Now researchers at the University of Liverpool may have…

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