Month: March 2015

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels

Get Ready for the Solar Rooftop Revolution

When Ed Davey said last year that he believed the future of solar was in the rooftops of businesses and homes rather than on open land and large farms, he may have set in motion a renewables revolution that could be difficult to halt. Companies like Lightsource Renewable Energy, who have put aside nearly £125 million for rooftop installations, have…

Renewable Energy Advancement

Technological advancements and their impact on renewable energy sector

In addition to environmental issues, development of renewable energy also responds to a need for diversification of energy sources. Although renewable energy is theoretically unlimited, their potential varies with climatic, geographical location and storage possibilities. The advantages and disadvantages of the different renewable energies are surmounted below Solar power Solar is a relatively expensive energy source and, therefore, still undeveloped,…

Sweden Biomass

Biomass goes BIG in Sweden

When it comes to thinking out of the box and implementing extravagant and world changing renewable initiatives, the Nordic countries seem to be in a league of their own. Sweden has been at the forefront of using green technologies such as district heating and now they are proving how they can bring style and innovation to the biomass industry. The…

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