Month: October 2015

RHI Cuts

What Happens to the RHI Beyond April 2016?

There have been rumblings in the renewable heat industry for some while, particularly following the Government’s cuts to the Feed in Tariff, a similar project that was designed to promote the uptake of renewable energy such as solar and wind. Uncertainty can effect an industry deeply and cause major problems, not only in the short term but for long term…

No FIT Cuts

Can the Renewables Industry Create Enough Noise?

Public opinion, when galvanised, can achieve great things. Get your story on the news, keep it there and previous policies that seemed set in stone begin to waver. Take the current furore over tax credits. There’s plenty of negative press for the Government, professing to be on the side of ordinary working people, and if the Lord’s decide to block…

RHI Cuts

Is the RHI Next in Line for Big Tory Cuts?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government programme that allows you to earn money from a selection of sustainable heating technology such as biomass boilers and air source heat pumps. Similar to the Feed in Tariff for electricity production, the RHI has a number of different payments depending on the type of heating you have installed. The scheme was initially…

Hinkley Point nuclear power station

Why oh Why Are We Spending Billions on Nuclear?

At the energy and climate change select committee this week, energy minister Andrea Leadsome was up before the board to try and shed some light on current Government policy. Apart from her annoying habit of prefacing important points with the governmental staple ‘absolutely’ (as in ‘we absolutely have no plans to reduce subsidies’), she did say a few revealing things.…

kite power solutions

The Inventor Hoping to Make the Most of Our Wind

Building turbines out at sea is an expensive business, costing millions and producing a landscape that many are unhappy with. The perennial problem of how to utilise the power of one of our most valuable and readily available resources – the wind – has taken a turn for the more eclectic recently. Whilst some scientists are looking at how underwater…

Solar Schools

Solar School Charity Now Unviable

On the face of it, a charity working to put solar panels on the roofs of our schools is a great idea. But the Government’s proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff in January have put the project at risk and may well see the charity close next year if the decision to cut subsidies is not reversed. What is…

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