Month: December 2015

COP21 Agreement

Is the Climate Deal Worth the Paper?

After two weeks of discussion, drafts, objections and tweaking, we finally ended up with what many were calling ‘an historic’ climate deal in Paris. With nearly 200 hundred countries involved and everyone from presidents and ageing action heroes putting their four pennies worth on the table, the fact that any agreement at all was reached is a miracle in itself.…

Submerged Hydro

Submerged Hydro Systems: The Only Large Scale Renewable Energy Solution Left in the UK?

With limited sun year round, coursing rivers, and land space, the United Kingdom is still an ideal country to explore and implement known renewable energy projects, such as solar power, power hydro systems, and wind turbines. However, its wide and long coastlines known for its powerful seas could provide a perfect testbed for submerged underwater hydro systems. In early June, the…


Deal or No Deal: The Perils of Climate Talks

There was a poignant reminder of our ingenuity at the beginning of the climate talks in Paris. Just a few short weeks after the atrocities at Bataclan and other venues around the city, protesters who had arranged to gather and demonstrate against government inertia over climate change were told they couldn’t for security reasons. Instead, they laid thousands of shoes…

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