Month: August 2016

a greener life

Renewable Energy – Living a Greener Life

Heating is one of the many ways you can live a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Heating a home can create a significant carbon footprint – especially so if your energy is sourced from fossil fuels. Around 20% of the UK’s carbon footprint is from domestic heating, and so heating alone represents a massive opportunity for the more environmentally friendly…

Construction of Burbo Bank Windfarm

UK Power Blades for Burbo Bank

If you’ve ever wondered where those huge turbine blades come from, then MHI Vestas are one of the few companies based in the UK that make them. Their brand new power blades are now being transported to Belfast to form part of the 258 MW Burbo Bank expansion project that will provide power for thousands more homes. MHI Vestas are,…


The Solar Cells Producing Hydrocarbon Fuel

Can solar panel cells create more than just electricity from the sun? Apparently, researchers at the University of Illinois think they’ve discovered just that. Their new solar cells have been developed to turn CO2 into hydrocarbon fuel. Not only could this help us create energy but could also solve the problem of rising CO2 and carbon monoxide levels that are…

Renewables Future

The Future of Energy: Pivotal Technology and Trends to Watch

The world continues to struggle with the switch to renewable energy. Despite the plentiful natural resources handed to us through wind, water and sun, governments around the world are wrestling with ‘selling’ the idea to their citizens. Standing in the way of on-mass innovation adoption is, often, cold-hard cash. To illuminate just how imposing a problem this is, consider this…

UWE Solar Panels

University of West of England Plans to Go Solar

With all the doom and gloom about the state of the solar industry in the UK in recent times, it comes as a pleasant surprise to learn that the University of West of England is going ahead with their plans to power their facilities through solar. According to the university: “We are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, and this…

Tidal Energy Turbine

Is it Time for a Tidal Power Revolution in the UK?

As an island with a large amount of coastline, the UK has great potential for taking advantage of developments in tidal technology. With the stalled construction of the Swansea Tidal Lagoon and Government focus ever more drifting towards nuclear and fracking, we could be missing a trick by not investing more in this burgeoning technology. According to Renewable Energy News:…

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