Month: November 2016

Solar Farming and Solar Collectives: Will the Future of Energy Lie Within Communities?

When most people think about solar power, they think of individual panels spanning across the roof of a home or office rather than a field full of rows upon rows of large scale solar panels. However, that perception is rapidly changing as solar farms become more prominent across the country. Solar farms—also referred to as solar collectives or solar gardens—are…

Solar panels

Leading the Way in Solar: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Around the World

Increased interest in renewable energy over the last decade or so has left the world with a new, more environmentally friendly outlook on power. Countries around the world are striving for lower carbon footprints, increased energy efficiency, and innovative ways of sourcing and consuming electricity. Solar power, as you might imagine, is at the forefront of renewable energy and the…


Energy Efficient Roofing Materials for Green Homeowners

Looking to raise the roof? Whether that means you’re celebrating or upgrading your roof, there are many eco-friendly options out there to consider. At Home Improvement Leads, we’re dedicated to finding green alternatives for home upgrades and repairs. Here are a few of our favourite roofing solutions to help you conserve energy and reduce your utility bills. Chill Out Cool…

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