Author: Edward Richardson

solar shingles

The State of Solar Shingles

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the birth of the Tesla Solar Roof last year, it was greeted with enthusiasm by the entire solar market. A photovoltaic solar system in the form of roof tiles, invisible to the naked eye? The solar world marveled at the ingenuity of Tesla, once more. But the concept of solar shingles is not a…

Offshore Wind

The Benefits of Offshore Wind Energy

More and more people have heard of clean energy and wind energy but wonder if such an energy solution could benefit them or their communities. Information is available to support many of the benefits of offshore wind energy and wind energy farms. Offshore wind energy may also serve to improve the health of local residents and supply new jobs to the…

Renewables Future

The Future of Energy: Pivotal Technology and Trends to Watch

The world continues to struggle with the switch to renewable energy. Despite the plentiful natural resources handed to us through wind, water and sun, governments around the world are wrestling with ‘selling’ the idea to their citizens. Standing in the way of on-mass innovation adoption is, often, cold-hard cash. To illuminate just how imposing a problem this is, consider this…

Houses Of Parlament

What is the Future of Renewables in the UK?

In the end the Government only slashed the Feed in Tariff for solar by 65% rather than the touted 87, something that is still going to cost the industry thousands of jobs and is seen as a backward step for those who believe passionately in the green agenda. Despite the rest of the world getting enthusiastic about lowering carbon emissions…

United Nations

Is it Time to Worry When UN Scientists Sound Off?

This week, support for the beleaguered renewables industry came from an unlikely source. Professor Jacquie McGlade is chief environment scientist for the UN, someone who you would think knows a lot about the renewable agenda. She expressed her disappointment that the UK has appeared to do an about turn and is running headlong away from technologies such as solar and…

Solar Schools

Solar School Charity Now Unviable

On the face of it, a charity working to put solar panels on the roofs of our schools is a great idea. But the Government’s proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff in January have put the project at risk and may well see the charity close next year if the decision to cut subsidies is not reversed. What is…

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