Author: Richard Burdett

Richard Burdett is the Managing Director of The Renewable Energy Hub. He writes for various industry sources and magazines and is an authority on topics related to the UK renewable energy industry.
onshore wind

Scotland Bans Fracking: The First Country To Do So

There is no more divisive sector in energy production as fracking. Attempts to introduce it across the UK has encountered widespread opposition from local residents and activists. Now, Scotland has essentially banned fracking after a consultation that found public opinion largely against the energy extraction process. According to campaign head for Friends of the Earth in Scotland, Mary Church: “This…

Tesla South Australia Battery

Upside Energy: Balancing Peak Supply and Demand for Electricity

An Innovate UK supported company are looking to ease peak-time pressure on the National Grid. By connecting a range of common devices that store energy, from backup batteries to electric hot water tanks – Upside Energy are using the Internet of Things to balance supply and demand of electricity. What Does Upside Energy Do? When you turn a switch on,…

Offshore Wind

One of the Largest Investors Backs Renewables

It’s a sign of the times that more and more people who invest are starting to focus on renewables. Of course, the stock market is all about making money and there’s no room for sentiment if you want to make a profit. The news that one of the world’s largest investors, Morgan Stanley, backs renewables will provide everyone around the…


What are the main political parties policies on renewable energy – Election 2017?

The following is a short summary of what the 4 main political parties in the UK have said about renewable energy, linked to their respective manifesto pages. Conservatives:  Maintain the position as a global off-shore wind farm leader and building wind farms on Britain’s Islands. A commitment: To meeting the global commitments on climate change.   Labour: A promise to…

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