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Richard Burdett is the Managing Director of The Renewable Energy Hub. He writes for various industry sources and magazines and is an authority on topics related to the UK renewable energy industry.

Industrial Unit Solar Panels

Industrial units are perfect for solar panels

Business owners are making the best use of the roofs on their industrial units by installing solar panels and are saving more than 65% on their energy bills. 1 in 10 small businesses are generating their own electricity on site and running on clean green energy. For the first time in July-September 2016 half of Britain’s electricity was generated from…

Floating Solar Panels

Floating Solar Panels

You may have heard about floating solar panels from the French company Ciel and Terre, who have been involved in the development of the technology since 2006. Pioneers in their field, they have come up with some fantastic solutions for the placement of solar panels. Allowing them to float on water means that they can take up more space, but…


Northern Ireland, the RHI Scandal and What It Means for Renewable Heating

The Northern Ireland government is in turmoil. Accusations, resignations and the dissolution of parliament are partly the fault of a Renewable Heat Incentive scandal that will cost the Government and the general public over £1 billion in the next twenty years. It’s a sign of what can go wrong when subsidies don’t have the restrictions in place that make it…

Glanrhyd Solar Village

Glanrhyd Solar Village: Is it the future?

With almost a quarter of the population in Wales technically living in fuel poverty, a small solar company has developed a way of building the greenest houses in the country. The location is Glanrhyd in the county of Pembrokeshire and the project comprises of six houses with eco-friendliness right at their core. While the average home in the UK is…

Passive House

Passive House

About a Passive House When it comes to planning to build a house, we tend to pay close attention to specific details. Things like the costs, architectural design, and also how comfortable and functional it will be on completion. However, more and more of us are also starting to add energy efficiency to that list. If you want a house…

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