Author: Steven Meredith

Steven Meredith is a full-time, journalist and writer based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. He has a passion for the environment and renewable energy and works closely with The Renewable Energy Hub to research and write topical and news worthy articles.
Palace of Westminster

Government Accused of Not Being Serious About a Renewables Future?

The Government has been accused of working against renewable energy by boosting subsidies for fossil fuels such as gas and diesel. This comes following plans to outlaw diesel and petrol cars and turn the UK towards a carbon neutral heating economy for the future. According to the Renewable Energy Association: “The Government maintains a de-facto ban on onshore wind, large-scale…


Anglesey Solar Farm Gets Go Ahead

England isn’t the only place looking to break records with solar over the next year or two. While there are plans to construct the biggest solar farm in the UK down in Kent, Wales has just had a change of mind for a new solar farm in Anglesey. After being turned down for planning permission earlier in the year, the…

Climate Change Scientists

American Climate Change Scientists to Relocate to France?

The Trump administration was always going to be bad for climate change scientists and those who believe in a greener, more sustainable world. The change from informed acceptance and engagement to unhealthy scepticism happened pretty quickly once Donald J Trump was inaugurated in January, culminating in the US announcing it was stepping back from the Paris Climate Change Agreement during…

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