The Green Deal for Biomass

--This Scheme has now been CLOSED by Government --

You can also benefit from the governments Green Deal Scheme. This financial mechanism is designed to help procurers of renewable energy technology improve the energy efficiency of their property by helping with the initial costs. The scheme works by helping with the initial financial outlay and then recouping the funds by taking a percentage of the savings you are making on you energy bills over a 10-25 year period.

This scheme will still allow you to benefit from the financial savings of your newly installed technology by only taking an affordable percentage of the savings being made. The length of the payback period is worked out based on your personal systems performance and your annual energy demands.

For more information on the green deal or any other schemes mentioned here you can call the Energy Saving Advice Line on 0300 123 1234 or alternatively you can contact us and we will arrange for a Green Deal assessor to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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