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Here at 'The Renewable Energy Hub' you will find a comprehensive and easy to navigate database of the UK's renewable energy installers. We categorise our installers by the services they supply and by their location, so you will be able to find a range of quality, trustworthy professionals that can help you every step of the way. The contact details for these installers are provided free of charge and are made available to all. We have a built-in rating and reviews system that enables you to provide your feedback after the job is complete, helping other like-minded people find the same financial savings and attain a cleaner, greener, carbon footprint. Recommendations from previous consumers give our users a sense of trust and confidence when deciding to make a purchase from one of our thousands of installers. Selected installers have detailed, personalised profile pages, giving them the opportunity to tell you more about their company and the services they offer. Our integrated 'Email Now' system allows you to contact as many installers as you like, in one simple email. If you are looking for a range of quotations quickly and easily, or just some information or advice, then this is just the tool for you. We work very hard to list as many of the UK's renewable energy installers as we can, to provide you with as much choice as possible and to assist the local, hardworking, honest tradesman and businesses around you. To this end, we are adding to, and amending, our extensive databases every day. Click here to search....


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The Renewable Energy Hub lists the very best 'hand chosen products and bundles' of renewable energy products. This eCommerce environment contains products specially chosen from the very best manufacturers. Its unique and innovative design allows consumers to find the ideal product and solution for their project at the best price possible. Click here to shop in The Store.

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The Renewable Energy Blog


Here at 'The Renewable Energy Information Hub' we have a passion for both renewable energy and for the environment. We have created a renewable energy blog where both our partners and our team research newsworthy articles and write stories of interest relating to our industry.  Sign-up on the blog to receive a friendly update when a new article is posted, this enables you to be at the forefront of industry changes and remain 'in the loop' when new, fascinating and cutting-edge technology is announced. Visit the blog here....

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The Renewable Energy Forum 


The renewable energy forum is a place to ask questions and look for answers. Here we have a large number of highly qualified industry professionals waiting to answer all your questions. Feel free to ask anything you like, this can be anything from product specifications to specific installation methods. If you are looking to do your own installation or are searching for advice on what technology might be best suited to your property - or perhaps a more generic topic relating to the industry, then this is the place for you! Ask a question at the forum here...

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Solar Panel Information


Photovoltaic Solar Panels are something we are all familiar with here in the UK. We see them on the roofs of homes and businesses around us. They convert the sun's energy into a usable electrical resource to help fulfil our ever-growing energy requirements, whilst providing a renewable and more cost-effective alternative to standard power generation. Here at the Renewable Energy Hub, we provide a wealth of detailed solar panel information. We have categorised each section into easily understandable pages, giving you the insight you need to make an informed decision when it comes to an investment in a solar photovoltaic system. We also provide the most comprehensive database of UK based installers on the web, with a built in ratings and reviews system to aid you in your choice of installer. Read more here...

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Wind Turbine Information


If you're looking to invest in a wind turbine or are simply interested in knowing more about wind turbines, then you have come to the right place. We provide you with everything you need to know, from how various systems work, to pricing, green schemes and installation. Simply click on the Wind Power link at the top of the page to find our research and start learning. It's all broken down into manageable and informative chunks for your perusal. Read more here...

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Green Roof System Information


At the Renewable Energy Hub we pride ourselves on being content rich. We aim to provide you with as much useful information on green roofs, Roof Greening, Bio-diverse Roofs and Green Walls as we can. Take a look at our green roof section to find out more about these fantastic systems. Sedum roofs are often hard to see from ground level, but they are becoming more and more popular, especially in new build projects. Many square kilometres of sedum roof are designed and installed in Great Britain each year. Find out how they can work for you, how much they cost, what's involved and where you can get them by clicking the Green Roof image above. Read more here...

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Heat Pump System Information


Heat pumps are a fantastic, energy efficient technology, used for space & water heating/cooling. They are widely considered to be one of the best renewable energy technologies currently available, offering fantastic long-term financial savings and carbon emission reductions.  This technology group could very well insulate you from any future increases in energy costs and heavily reduce your reliance on the national grid. Our in-depth research and heat pump information will help you find out more about this great technology and how to make it benefit your property and finances. Read more here...

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Biomass Boiler Information


Biomass is a term for a carbon based fuel, predominantly composed of waste organic material such as wood or plants. The carbon used to produce the biomass is released when the fuel is burned and recovered again when new plants and trees absorb it during their lifecycle. This carbon process categorises biomass burners of all types and sizes as a 'renewable' or 'carbon neutral' energy source. Find out about the many forms of Biomass boilers or 'Conversion' units in our detailed research and biomass boiler information, including thermal and chemical conversion technologies. We also have a vast database of biomass system installers, both residential and commercial, for you to contact for pricing and installation. Read more here...



Micro Combined Heat and Power - micro CHP Information

Developments in this incredible technology group are currently happening at an accelerated rate. All over the world, people are talking about micro CHP boilers and their application for wholesale use in our homes and businesses. The Renewable Energy Hub believes that the highly efficient micro CHP boilers will soon be the norm. Hailed as the future of domestic carbon depletion and regaled for their high efficiency and low running costs, this technology is one to look out for. Our micro combined heat and power section has a wealth of information both for people looking for a quick explanation and also for those looking to further expand their knowledge on the finite details of the technology. Read more here...

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Insulation Information


The first step to energy efficiency is making sure your home or business is correctly and sufficiently insulated. There are many routes to achieving this, all of which will save you money in space heating costs and help lower both your bills and carbon emissions. A range of schemes and incentives exist and all the insulation information you need is right here. Insulation is a smart move for any building owner and with the Government applying pressure on energy companies to lower carbon emissions, it has become very affordable, if not free! Read more here...

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Hydroelectricity & Micro-Hydro Information

Whether you are simply interested in this technology and want to read up on the way it works or are interested in your own personal micro hydro plant you have come to the right place. We list the nation's installers along with a detailed but easily navigable breakdown of their internal systems, ecological and financial benefits and much, much more. Hydroelectricity accounts for a massive 18% of the renewable energy generated in Britain. Interest in hydropower has been renewed in recent years due to new UK and EU targets for reductions in carbon emissions and the promotion of renewable technology. Find out more in our research pages by following the link above. Read more here...


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Solar Thermal & Solar Water Heating Information

Solar thermal systems use the sun to heat water for use in your home. When used in conjunction with a conventional boiler or immersion heater the water can be heated to a higher temperature or when the sun's heat power isn't available your normal boiler or immersion heater can do all the work. By using this highly efficient technology you can cut your energy bills, lower your carbon footprint and benefit from the government's renewable heat incentive. This technology is also eligible for the government's Green Deal financing mechanism that lets people pay for energy-efficiency improvements through savings on their energy bills. Solar water heaters are one of the most popular renewable energy technologies due to their low initial investment cost, ease of installation and immediate savings. Read more here...

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Heat Recovery System Information

A heat recovery system collects and re-uses heat that would otherwise be lost, greatly improving the energy efficiency of buildings. The application of any heat recovery system will help to reduce the overall energy requirements of a building, or provide a useful form of heat for other purposes. All buildings require a certain amount of fresh air, increasingly so in new buildings where they are better insulated and more air-tight. Heat Recovery Systems can help to provide a way to introduce fresh air to a building and improve climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use. More on this technology can be found in our research module under the Heat recovery banner. Read more here...


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Rainwater Harvesting System Information

Water is our most precious natural resource and something that most of us take for granted. Harvesting rainwater simply involves the collection and storage of rain for later use.  Normally collected from the roofs of our buildings and stored in tanks, harvested rainwater can be used for many different purposes and has been for millennia. Currently under exploited in Britain, we needlessly waste millions of litres of clean drinking water in the flushing of our toilets, watering plants, washing cars etc. Ingenious methods of collection and distribution have been designed to help reduce this waste, improve our water consumption efficiency and save up to 90% on our water bills. Find out more in our rainwater harvesting section. Read more here...

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