Solar Panel Security Lights

Security lights can be a great way of helping us to feel safer in our homes. They let us know when people are near our front door, back door, or back gate. Wherever you place one, you will always know if something is there, and they can act as a fantastic deterrent. However, they can also be expensive to run due to their powerful beams, which can also negatively impact the environment. One of the best alternatives to this is to purchase solar panel security lights – which cost nothing for you to run and are just as powerful as regular ones.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

It’s always good to understand just how solar energy works. The basic definition is that solar energy is energy that is provided by the sun. When this energy is gathered and converted into solar power, it can then be used to provide businesses and home with electricity and/or heating.

The generation of solar power is also quite a simple concept. It is generated by a smooth surface that works to collect energy (normally a solar panel or panels). This surface also works to convert the captured energy into heat or electricity. There are actually two main ways in which solar energy can be converted into solar power.

First, you have photovoltaic conversion (PV). This is also known as direct conversion. It is currently the most commonly used form of generating solar energy (as well as the form that is used to power things like security lights). It involves the use of solar panels, or solar PV, for the generation of electricity.

Secondly, you have solar thermal conversion. This is also known as indirect conversion. It is a method that is used to generate heat, and in recent years the popularity of this form has only been increasing. It involves the use of a thermal collector to generate the heat so that your water or home can be warmed using solar power.

Solar panel garden lights will use the PV form of solar power generation. They have little solar panels installed in them so that they can generate and store power during the day, ready for use at night. However, there is not just one form of garden light to choose from – there are actually quite a few.

When it comes to solar panel security lights, the PV form of solar power generation will be used (as mentioned previously). Typically, you will find the solar panel has been installed on the light, but this is not always the case. This is an aspect that will be looked at in more detail later on.


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Types of Security Light

There are three main types of solar panel security light that you can choose from. More information on each of these can be found below.

High Level Usage

This refers to areas that have a lot of traffic over the course of the night, so places like busy driveways or even commercial buildings. High levels of usage count as a light being activated more than 15 times in the night. As a result, if you are expecting these levels of activity it is advised that you purchase a light with a high watt panel and a large capacity battery.

Mid-Level Usage

This refers to the type of security light that is most commonly purchased by homeowners. They are perfect for average amounts of activation in the night, and are also ideal for installation in your garden. This provides you with a little light when you go to let the dog or cat out, as well as when you have people over for evening drinks. These lights will tend to have a slightly lower wattage and battery capacity than their high usage counterparts.

Low Level Usage

This refers to lights that will not be activated very often at all during the night. Generally, these security lights are best suited for installation on your garden shed, or a gate at the bottom of the garden that leads to a field or alleyway. They will tend to have an average wattage so that the area remains well-lit, but you can expect the battery capacity to be a lot smaller as it is only expected to turn on a couple of times in the night.

The Position of the Solar Panel

When it comes to the position of the solar panel on the security lights, there are actually two different locations. Some will have the solar panel installed on the top of the light, allowing it to absorb sunlight during the day. This is also the most common position for the solar panel.

You can also get security lights that have separate solar panels that connect up to the light. These are usually able to offer an amazing 700 lumens of power, as well as stand being activated well over 500 times in one night. They tend to be a lot higher in terms of price, but they are perfect for busy areas as well as commercial use.

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