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solar shingles

The State of Solar Shingles

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the birth of the Tesla Solar Roof last year, it was greeted with enthusiasm by the entire solar market. A photovoltaic solar system in the form of roof tiles, invisible to the naked eye? The solar world marveled at the ingenuity of Tesla, once more. But the concept of solar shingles is not a…


China Moves to Solar Powered Roads

Every so often a news article appears exploring the potential of turning our roads into super energy highways, particularly when it comes to renewables. It’s not a new idea. Ever since the clean power revolution began, the roadside has been peculiarly attractive to research and development bods, including those involved with solar power. Now China is looking to take solar…

heat pump

Is 2018 The Year You Change to an Air Source Heat Pump?

We’ve become so used to gas central heating in the UK that even considering something different can appear anarchistic and dangerous. But that’s precisely what the Government is trying to achieve with it’s Renewable Heat Incentive – weaning us off gas, oil and electricity heating systems onto more carbon friendly and renewable options such as heat pumps. One of these…

Palace of Westminster

Government Accused of Not Being Serious About a Renewables Future?

The Government has been accused of working against renewable energy by boosting subsidies for fossil fuels such as gas and diesel. This comes following plans to outlaw diesel and petrol cars and turn the UK towards a carbon neutral heating economy for the future. According to the Renewable Energy Association: “The Government maintains a de-facto ban on onshore wind, large-scale…

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

What is the Faraday Challenge? Your Quick Guide

There’s been much spoken in recent times about how we can improve battery storage for renewable energy systems like solar and wind. It’s undoubtedly the next big challenge and one which many countries, including the UK, are working hard to tackle. The Faraday Challenge at a glance: It was introduced by the Government to boost research and development in the…

Offshore Wind

The Benefits of Offshore Wind Energy

More and more people have heard of clean energy and wind energy but wonder if such an energy solution could benefit them or their communities. Information is available to support many of the benefits of offshore wind energy and wind energy farms. Offshore wind energy may also serve to improve the health of local residents and supply new jobs to the…


Anglesey Solar Farm Gets Go Ahead

England isn’t the only place looking to break records with solar over the next year or two. While there are plans to construct the biggest solar farm in the UK down in Kent, Wales has just had a change of mind for a new solar farm in Anglesey. After being turned down for planning permission earlier in the year, the…

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