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300MW Solar Plant in Argentina

Construction to Begin on State-of-the-Art 300MW Solar Plant in Argentina

It seems everyone around the world has got the solar bug. Many countries are busy investing large amounts of capital in the clean energies of the future. One area where renewables are starting to show a considerable growth is Latin America, particularly in countries such as Argentina. With the cost of solar coming down over the last ten years and…


Armageddon: How We’re Hopelessly Under Prepared for the End of the World

If you think that global warming is under control, you might have been more than a little shocked by a recent report suggesting the contrary. The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change issued a stark warning, stating that we are currently ill equipped to deal with the issues that will face us as a result of changing environmental conditions. We…

Grid Power

Upside Energy: Balancing Peak Supply and Demand for Electricity

An Innovate UK supported company are looking to ease peak-time pressure on the National Grid. By connecting a range of common devices that store energy, from backup batteries to electric hot water tanks – Upside Energy are using the Internet of Things to balance supply and demand of electricity.     What Does Upside Energy Do? When you turn a…

uk investment

UK to Invest £246 Million in Energy Storage R&D

While the Government seems to have taken a back step with renewables in recent times, the decision to invest heavily in energy storage will have come as welcome news to many. It’s all part of trying to create battery storage for vehicles as well as a smarter grid that uses power better and delivers substantial savings to customers. Greg Clark…

hinkley construction

The Nuclear Debacle: Hinkley Point

If you’re an advocate for clean energy and eco-friendly solutions, the mere mention of Hinkley Point might be enough to make your blood boil. The recent announcement that the site is £1.5 billion over budget and a year behind schedule may well lead you to say: ‘I told you so!’ shortly before turn to your bottle of wine to deliver…

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