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The Renewable Energy Hub Blog provides a fantastic source of unique, varied and intriguing articles to inform and inspire individuals, communities, and businesses; promoting a greener more sustainable future. We love to hear your opinions on the topics raised here, so all constructive participation is most welcome in the comments section under each post.

National Power

Is it Time to Take Power Back from the Energy Companies?

In recent years more, people than ever are considering moving ‘off grid’. Grids are centralised systems that distribute energy in the form of electricity and gas to where it is needed. Supply and demand are carefully matched with the grids often buying excess renewable energy from consumers to keep the grid fully fed during energy lulls. Disconnecting from this grid…

Tesla Battery

Should you Install a Tesla Powerwall or other Solar Battery?

People often want to know how they can improve their use of free solar power to reduce their electricity bills. The Tesla Powerwall 2 has the capacity to store 13.5kwh compared to other systems that offer only 4-6kwh of useable storage. Using this cost-effective solar battery can help households make the most of renewable energy. In a nutshell, the Tesla…


What is Fossil Fuel Divestment?

With a lot of talk about the future of solar and wind, not to mention other renewables, we often forget that fossil fuels still form a significant part of our energy mix. Over 70% of households across the UK, for example, still use gas to heat their water and radiators. The mayors of New York and London this week, collaborated…

Solar Storage

Solar Is Making a ‘Comeback’ in the UK

We’ve had one of the most prolonged hot weather spells globally, fires and droughts have been rife. Elon Musk seems to be undergoing his own personal mid-life crisis, Trump is on the verge of impeachment while rolling back the Clean Power Plan, fascism is on the rise and Brexit is turning out to be a major debacle. You might be…

Green Home

6 Ways to Make Your Home Greener

With all the furore over the last few weeks about how hot it’s been, lowering carbon emissions and going greener have been back on the news agenda. Fires both here in the UK and Europe as well as across the pond in America, show this is not an isolated incident. The Independent reported this month that the Earth is in…

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