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Northern Ireland, the RHI Scandal and What It Means for Renewable Heating

The Northern Ireland government is in turmoil. Accusations, resignations and the dissolution of parliament are partly the fault of a Renewable Heat Incentive scandal that will cost the Government and the general public over £1 billion in the next twenty years. It’s a sign of what can go wrong when subsidies don’t have the restrictions in place that make it…

Passive House

Passive House

About a Passive House When it comes to planning to build a house, we tend to pay close attention to specific details. Things like the costs, architectural design, and also how comfortable and functional it will be on completion. However, more and more of us are also starting to add energy efficiency to that list. If you want a house…


Eco Homes

  About Eco Homes This page covers various topics regarding the subject of eco homes. It includes their construction, guidelines for eco-friendly homes, as well as benefits for various stakeholders that can benefit from an increased amount of eco homes. What Are Eco Homes? The concept of eco homes refers to an environmental rating scheme in the UK, and is…

Heat Pumps

Breaking News: The Renewable Heat Incentive Reforms

Decarbonising the UK’s heating has become an increasingly important issue in recent times. We have an obligation to reduce our carbon emissions dramatically in accordance with the Paris climate agreement by 2050. A large proportion of our emissions comes from both domestic and commercial heating and cutting this is going to be one of our major challenges over the next…


Solar Roads Come to the UK in 2017

The idea of turning our roads into solar powerhouses isn’t new. We reported back in 2014 about an American couple who had crowdfunded some $2 million to develop the idea. While it was treated with a certain amount of scepticism back then, the notion of using our streets and roads has gained traction in more recent times. In truth, our…

Solar Farming and Solar Collectives: Will the Future of Energy Lie Within Communities?

When most people think about solar power, they think of individual panels spanning across the roof of a home or office rather than a field full of rows upon rows of large scale solar panels. However, that perception is rapidly changing as solar farms become more prominent across the country. Solar farms—also referred to as solar collectives or solar gardens—are…

Solar panels

Leading the Way in Solar: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Around the World

Increased interest in renewable energy over the last decade or so has left the world with a new, more environmentally friendly outlook on power. Countries around the world are striving for lower carbon footprints, increased energy efficiency, and innovative ways of sourcing and consuming electricity. Solar power, as you might imagine, is at the forefront of renewable energy and the…

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