Legal Plan and Permission Wind Turbines

Legal and Planning for Wind Turbines

Planning regulations for the installation of wind turbines differ in each part of the United Kingdom. While it is not always necessary to obtain planning permission for wind turbine installations, it is a good idea to notify your local planning officer before deciding to install. It is also advisable to speak to your neighbours about your plans, and, as has already been mentioned, it is sensible to inform your mortgage and home insurance providers.

Legal & Planning permission in England

In England, wind turbines require planning permission, unless they fall under the following categories, in which case their installation may be classed as ‘permitted development’, for which planning permission is not required.

For all wind turbines, the following criteria must be met:

  • There must be no other wind turbine or air source heat pump on the property
  • The bottom of the turbine’s blades must be at least 5m from the ground
  • The turbine site must not be in a Conservation Area, World Heritage site, or in the grounds of a listed building

For building-mounted turbines, the following criteria must be met:

  • The property must be detached
  • The top of the turbine’s blades must be no more than 3m above the top of the property, or 15m above the ground
  • The turbines must be located at least 5m from the edge of the property

For pole-mounted turbines:

  • The top of the turbine must be no more than 11.1m above the ground
  • The turbine must be at least 1.1 times of its own height away from the edge of the landowner’s land

Full government planning guidance for renewable technologies in England can be accessed here:


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Legal & Planning permission in Scotland

All roof-mounted wind turbines require planning permission in Scotland. For pole-mounted turbines, planning permission will be required unless the property meets the following criteria:

  • The wind turbine must be the only one on the property
  • The turbine must be situated more than 100m from the boundaries of another property
  • The turbine must not be located in a Conservation Area, World Heritage site, area of scientific interest, or within the grounds of a listed building

Further planning permission details for Scotland are available here:

Wales and Northern Ireland

In Wales and Northern Ireland planning permission is always required for the installation of wind turbines, so it is necessary to contact your local planning officer.

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