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Avoid these biomass supplier / installer scams

Started by Bob, December 13, 2018, 12:20:26 PM

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We bought a large biomass burner primarily for burning straw from Glen Farrow, a supplier based in Lincolnshire. The size suitable for our needs had not been passed as eligible for Ofgem's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy, so they persuaded us to buy a larger model which was eligible, and to pipe the extra heat into another building. They estimated the RHI would pay back the £38k cost of the installation in about 8 years.

Glen Farrow offers to do all the work of applying for RHI for you. After installation, I discovered they had submitted an application on our behalf without even showing us. So I asked to see it. They had lied under our name, claiming we would solely be burning wood (not straw). It turned out that the model they had sold to us only had an emissions certificate for burning wood - when they sold it to us they omitted to mention that they had already tried and failed multiple times to get it to pass when burning straw.

If customers like me discover this scam, Glen Farrow banks on most people deciding to become complicit. In our case, I insisted Glen Farrow withdrew the RHI application. So I have been left with the full cost and no RHI subsidy.


Thank for sharing. this blog of telling about scams in biomass supplier.