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Biomass flue stacks

Started by Annoyed biomass owner, September 08, 2021, 10:56:13 PM

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Annoyed biomass owner

Has anyone had any problems with stacks fitted ? We had to have a new one installed recently. Within half an hour of me lighting it the neoprene slate caught fire. The installer say I over fired the boiler . The insulation in the stack can withstand 1000'c, the insulation has gone. I then bought a new stack myself online, same make as the original , installed it, lit it and everything is fine. SO they are implying I had the temperature in that boiler to over 1000'c in half an hour. Utter nonsense. They chasing me for the money now. The telephone line melted so had to have a new one installed.I have them on cctv hen they left, and this was half hour before the neoprene slat melted
Anyone else have a similar problem ?