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Woodpecker 25 biomass boiler exhaust fan problem

Started by angela33, February 16, 2020, 03:26:18 PM

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My woodpecker 25 biomass boiler keeps getting an error 3 (heat detected in pellet drop pipe). The engineer has changed the exhaust fan - no improvement, changed the thermostat - no improvement. He has also adjusted the pellet feed as we're pretty sure the pellets are burning hotter than the ones I used to use. I'm pretty sure that when an error three is about to occur the exhaust fan has failed to start. I have once been able to avert an error three by increasing the first fan speed by 1%, the 2nd fan speed by 1% and I heard the fan start up and the pellet drop pipe cooled down and it did a full heating cycle - then got an error 12 the next time. 
I don't usually see it when it's going into error 3. 
After increasing the fan it might work for a while and then get an error 12 (no flame detected) so I then decrease the fan speeds and it ignites successfully.  It might work for a while then go back to error 3. The engineer is now thinking of replacing the programmer as he can't think what else is causing this fault.  But I'm pretty sure the fan is somehow getting stuck so it's either a physical fault (something is causing it to jam) or the message to run is not getting through.  Having had two error threes yesterday, I got it going and this morning it had an error 12.  I tweaked the fan speeds for Ignition and Stabilise phases and it ran a full heating cycle this morning.  When I got back at lunchtime it was completing a second heating cycle - but I'm sure the problem is not fixed.  I have been keeping records of what fan speeds I've tried and I'm pretty sure at 25% for the checkup phase the fan won't start so it will shut down with an error three during ignition.  But if the fan is 27% it won't ignite anyway. 
Has anyone experienced this issue before and how did you persuade the boiler that it really did want to work without requiring resetting every time. 
I have also been told that Woodpecker boilers have a very narrow tolerance so getting the fan speeds and fuel load rates right are difficult.  I don't want to change pellet supplier as the pellets I'm now using are of far better quality than anything I was able to get before, but they are burning hotter and more efficiently (and guaranteed less than 0.01% dust) so errors caused by poor pellets are a thing of the past!
Thank you in anticipation that someone has experienced this problem