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Where do I start with draught exclusion?

Started by LucidEnergy, November 24, 2015, 09:28:55 PM

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I live in quite an old house, and the sealing on the windows and doors can be quite poor. I haven't tried much in the way of draught exlusion, besides using tape in particularly stormy weather.

What can I do on a low budget to exlcude draughts?


Draft exclusion is generally quite an investment, but it's well worth it in the long run. If your budget is low, I would recommend ensuring there is a nice layer of sealant around all windows, and applying fresh if you think it has holes or is wearing a bit thin. If your windows are the pre-80s, no sealant variety, then I'd recommend putting some sealant around the edges anyway. This could save you a few quid throughout the winter  ;D


That depends what quality you are looking for and how low your budget is. Applying sealant is always best, but you can also use a rug going under doors if you're looking to reduce draughts between rooms.

Also something I've noticed for my rear door is that using just the key to lock it, the door is not fully pressed against the frame, butwhen you bolt it shut the draught goes completely.