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Does anyone else have an interest in futurism on the whole?

Started by Zarostulus, November 25, 2015, 12:34:42 PM

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Future technology and the advancement of the human race, particularly in terms of energy, is something that greatly interests me. Does anyone else here find futurism outside of renewable energy also interesting? I also find future architecture, space exploration & utilisation and future computing very interesting.


I'm interested in everything


I'm a computer science grad, I like to ponder how we can utilise computer technology to expand our energy potential, that is utilise the  power of computing to store renewable energy sources - i.e offset power consumption of computers by storing energy and feedback looping it into a global energy network distributed across the world, doubling energy output, or something like that.

wrote a bit more of a notepad a long time ago, can't remember where I left that... but yeah the future is a dream worth striving for.
I'm interested in everything

Eddie Charette

Increased usage of renewable energy which does not lead to greenhouse gas emission would ensure a safe environment and less dependence on energy imports. Tapping nuclear power generation plants can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The efficiency of thermal power generation would also help reduce gas emissions.
Energy efficient electrification helps in the prosperity of a green future. Low carbon society is materialised through renewable energy.
Use of fossil fuels, recycling, next generation energy infrastructure (smart community) would help ensure reduced gas emission.
Some countries have gone on to show that it is not difficult to attain a 100% renewable energy reliance. Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Germany, Morocco are all examples. Developing nations like Bangladesh are making major changes to go green.
Some major cities have implemented recycling measures as a way forward to keep their city clean and green.
include first making families eco-conscious. A Sweden based Fortune 500 company, Tetra Pak Pvt. Ltd uses all materials recycled for manufacturing their products.