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Advice on heating and hotwater

Started by parsl, July 22, 2021, 02:34:01 PM

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Where can I discuss my options for efficient heating and hot water?

I have solar panels, an electric car and an economy7 tariff.  My heating is ancient storage heaters and the hot water was a gas boiler that has ceased to operate.
I would like to replace the heating and hot water so that I'm not using gas and it would be nice if I could make better use of the electricity generated by the solar panels which mostly just goes to the grid as I am at work in the day.

Its a one/two bedroom flat, with just one occupant. I only need enough hotwater to fill a sink, occasionally a bath. the shower, washing machine, dishwasher all just use cold water feeds and heat water electrically on demand. i only need enough heat to keep the chill of in the winter. Currently, the storage heaters heat all night, cool down during the day whilst I'm, at work and aren't much use in the evening when I need them. its also so wasteful to heat the house all day when I just need an hour in the morning and a few hours in the evening.

What would you do? Hot water tank with smart heater using excess solar PV? what about winter - can it use cheap rate electric at night? would the tank lose much energy throughout the day? How to Best heat the flat?  Modern storage heaters? Some system to store Solar PV from daytime and power heaters of an evening?


Many questions before a giving a considered reply.

What's your anticipated budget for materials?

By sink do you mean a kitchen sink or bathroom basin?

Does the flat have a garden?

Is the flat your property?