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Biomass Boilers kgCO2e Vs Oil Boilers

Started by alexjb1989, April 20, 2017, 11:02:41 AM

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Hi Guys,

Hope you are all well.

We have a Biomass Boiler and I have been running some calcs on how many kg of CO2e we have saved by switching to this from Oil.

In 12 months we generated 626974 kWh using our Biomass boiler using 153 tonnes of WoodPellet (which generated 28.26 tonnes of CO2e).

So, I've worked out that if we were to have generated 626974kWh using Oil, that what have produced 154tonnes of CO2e.

That means by using Biomass we have saved 126 tonnes of CO2e.  (154-28)

Does this sounds about right? It seems an awful big saving.

I'm not after spot on figures, just ball park.


Assumptions I used

1 tonne of Pellets produce 4800kwh at 100% efficiency (i actually used 85% for calcs)

1 litre of oil produces 10.3kwh

1 kWh of oil produces 0.2468 kgCO2e

1 kWh of Pellets produce 0.0.39kgCO2e