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Does anyone make a profit from feed in?

Started by JamesH, November 27, 2015, 12:19:14 PM

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I know that some people with micro-generation in the home use very little energy. This makes me wonder how many people have an annual electricty bill of £0 and actually make a consistent profit.


Yeah, I've seen people on the news that do, also a guy on an old farmhouse (with a massive roof) not far from me makes quite a tidy profit. Must be nice not having utility bills AND having an extra source of income.


Wait, what's feed in? Is this when you sell the electricity you generate to the national grid?


I have a friend who makes a small profit, but she is more than happy with the fact that she hardly pays energy bills, as this saving will make the investment more than worth it. It is definitely something to consider if you have the money upfront to pay for the panels, because over time you are almost certain to find that it will have a very positive impact indeed on your energy bills.