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France to invest 2 billion Euros in renewable energy...

Started by allegrif, December 01, 2015, 08:54:32 PM

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allegrif Africa. This is news just coming in from the climate change summit in Paris. This is great news, and is a fantastic sign of commitment from Francois Hollande to tackling the continued usage of fossil fuels and their effect on the most vulnerable societies on Earth. Bravo!


Your title did lure me in, because France already gets almost all of it's energy from nuclear, plus a bit of hydro.

Better they invest in renewables while the economies are growing to prevent a chinese style boom in coal power.


It probably helps that Africa is a great fit for renewables. Lots of sun, warmer climate (so more powerful wind at times) and lots of water. Combine those factors with currency exchange rates, and you're looking at a very good return on investment.


I wonder how far this will go. Africa is a big continent and while 2 billion is better than nothing, it will probably only be a small dent.