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How does renewable energy create jobs?

Started by Heather, August 26, 2014, 10:28:16 PM

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People say that building new renewable energy sources in this country creates more jobs? - just how does that work?  No one actually "mans" the wind turbines etc so how does it create more jobs?


Hello Heather.

As there are many people and businesses in the supply chain for renewable energy installation and component manufacture and distribution, it is through these channels the jobs are created.
As the microgeneration and renewable energy industry flourishes, a greater number of people are required to maintain the fruits of this global environmentally friendly evolution, far more than that required by conventional power generation methods. As populations grow both the demand for more energy increases, along with the requirement to have an active working population, both can be supported by a thriving renewable energy industry.

I hope my opinion clarifies in some way...

Kind regards,



The wind turbines may not be manned, but they are manufactured and maintained, and there would always have to be people on call to sort them out if there was ever a problem with them at any point. I think there are a lot of research jobs in renewable energy at the moment, too, as people are realising the potential of it, so there is always that side of things that many people don't think about.