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Powerwall & smart meter

Started by GrooveBox, November 21, 2022, 10:30:20 AM

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Hi, hoping someone can advise: I have had Tesla Powerwall 2 for 4 years (installed alongside solar panels). I had a smart meter installed 2 years ago and I charge the Powerwall overnight on the Octopus Go tariff. I notice my smart meter data is indicating small (average 0.033 kWh per half hour meter period) grid usage throughout the rest of the day equating to ~1.3 kWh of usage per day at the higher tariff rate. It does this whether I'm running on battery power or from solar. Is this normal? If not, who should I get to investigate/fix it, the Powerwall installer or Octopus?

(The Powerwall is installed in our garage on the opposite side of the wall from the smart meter - could it be interfering?)