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Renewable Energy Future in UK

Started by aron, March 11, 2014, 06:34:52 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I want your opinion on Renewable Energy Future in UK. How bright is this? What are your opinions to make it more better? What are the area where you think needed more improvement? Please come with some super ideas.


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Robyn Wahl

I think that the future is bright for renewables in the UK - providing the government get behind it that is.  We need to invest more in Wave energy, solar energy etc.

The more we put into this the more we are going to get back

I know a lot of people who are looking to take small steps in their own homes to make them more renewable

Mark Haslam

Renewable energy has a huge future not just in the UK, but all over the world. If the non-renewable sources are running out then the simple fact is that we need to think of new ways to make the power that we need. There is no other option, as the majority of things that we use require some sort of power.


Unfortunately the current UK government (DECC) in all its wisdom has decided to pull funding from almost all cost-effective (namely solar and onshore wind) renewables for the foreseeable future.
This callous and ill thought action is essentially pulling the rug out from underneath a vital industry if in favor of ludicrously expensive nuclear and publicly detested shale gas industries.
The UK renewable energy industry, as it stands today,  is roughly 24 months away from reaching grid parity (ie: being able to compete with grid supplied electricity on price therefore affordable for most households).
By investing in PV and other key renewable technologies, the government via FIT's and other financial subsidies (correctly digressed), it (the industry) can stand on its own two feet and provide a substantial and secure element to the UK's energy mix for generations to come, investing in our children's future not mortgaging it on foreign invested Nuclear or finite gas.
What a shortsighted and ill thought out policy the current government has on the future of our energy and carbon reduction targets.

St Rhenium

I've been reading that indirect costs associated to wind farms are part of the reason they've been pulled. It's the effect on fishermen in the area that's struck a nerve - offshore wind farms mess with their sonar ability to hunt schools of fish. Fishing is such a huge industry, and crucially has large trade unions.


No matter how slow, it will continue to move in the right direction. It's not like we will go back and abandon existing renewable infrastructure, so slowly but surely renewables will see dominance.