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The irony of the Pearl River Tower.

Started by Zarostulus, November 24, 2015, 07:54:32 PM

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Have you ever heard of the Pearl River Tower? It's a neo-futuristic skyscraper in Guangzhou, China. At 71 floors high, it's considerably big. It was built very much with environmentalism and renewable energy in mind, with wind turbines and solar collectors, photovoltaic cells, raised floors ventilation, and radiant heating and cooling ceilings all present.

So, this all singing, all dancing, futuristic clean tower... what do you think it's used for?

...drum roll.....

Guangdong [i]Tobacco[/i]  ::)

St Rhenium

What, you didn't expect the use to be anything green did you? It's sod's law that something as great as this must have at least one massive downside  :D


I think this is more of a case of every cloud (no pun intended) having a silver lining.

At least they are doing something right, even if it's only 0.01%

St Rhenium

Haha, I wonder if it's to ease their conscience so they can sleep at night. I dread to think how much pollution their cigarette sales account for.