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Which source of household renewable energy interests you the most?

Started by allegrif, December 01, 2015, 08:58:46 PM

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If you were to pick one to install in your home, which would it be and why? It could be solar, wind, or anything else. I'd personally go with solar, not least because I like the way the panels look!


Solar, I absolutely agree about the panels. They fit nicely to the roof, they are even less imposing than a satellite dish. Anything else would be too complicated to install and too expensive. I might be a little more adventurous if I was a millionaire with tons of cash to play with, but only solar for now.


Wind honestly. I know some turbines can be a bit unslightly, but a house accross the road from me installed one when they were first becoming available in B&Q and I was always jealous.


I know you said pick one, but my ideal home would definitely make use of more than one. I'd have solar panels on the roof, a small turbine on the chimney where the TV aerials go, and a biomass boiler. My energy bills would be great!