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Why are we continuing to pursue fracking?

Started by allegrif, November 24, 2015, 06:17:30 PM

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Honestly, why? It's dirty, dangerous and only provides us with further fossil fuels that will too eventually run out. How on Earth can we justify investing in a technology we know is limited, when we could be investing in renewables for our future much further into the long term?

I really don't understand it?

St Rhenium

Self-serving politicians looking for short-term economic gains to make them look clever and financially at the races. What the public don't realise is that in a few years we'll have nothing left to frack anyway, and all we'll be left with will be a permanently scarred landscape and higher pollution levels. I've even heard rumours it can cause earthquakes.


Lobbying, and a lack of investment in alternatives in the past. When the economy was booming, we should have invested a lot more, because we could afford it then. Now there is less money to spend, we are left with a situation where we are stuck in a corner.

At the very least, a set percentage of profits should be taxed into developing our renewable infrastructure.

St Rhenium

I think a large levy for renewable would be a great idea on any future fracking projects.